Food delivery apps, the poor persons crack of accessible food for a time poor nation.

Do you still need a front door for you food retail business? Are your next plans for your restaurant as spaced out as Tom Piotrowski’s beard … Ever thought about a commercial kitchen with a few bells and whistles that offers third party delivery, ‘na not really’, well why the hell not.

With people working the 9-5 hustle, thinking of that next mystical quote to upload to insta or buying those cat unicorn briefs from ASOS, an increasingly fast-paced lifestyle and reliance on digital technology is at play. We’re seeing greater demand for simple and easy services that can provide consumers what they need in an instant.

From babies,, Foodpanda, Aimifan, YoGiYo, TastyKhana, PedidosYa, Baedaltong, Yemeksepeti and Foodora, to other tasteful options Just Eat, GrubHub, Deliveroo, Lieferando, UberEats, MenuLog, Baedal Minjok and FoodFly. Time-poor consumers have ease of access to good quality restaurants. Uber vs Delivery Hero is a hotter proposition than those southern style chicken wings you are craving. A logistics player doing food with DH a partner to restaurants that normally don’t deliver.

If you are sunk in bricks and mortar, the constraints around growth are not there. It’s only constrained by the adoption of an app by hungry people. This can happen tomorrow.

People say they always or often feel pressed for time, convenient meals are huge fricken business.

2016, takeaway food sales rose 56.1 per cent to account for 5.8 per cent of Australia’s total online spending of $20.1 billion.¹

Open delivery kitchens without the high cost of restaurant fitouts. Doesn’t that sound swell. Yes okay, delivery commissions of up to 30 percent might eat into your restaurant’s, food outlets profits, let’s just shuffle that to the side right now. Go to your happy place which will become a reality, where nights where the restaurant was barely breaking even, now requires you to get some extra staff to jump on that conveyor belt of food prep to keep up with demand.

Food Delivery Running Pizza

Sounding like this third party commercial kitchen idea definitely has got legs right. Maybe you just have to position it in a location with a really good spread. Somewhere that 5km Delivery Hero or UberEats radius is going to cover the most in terms of inner-city density.

That old bottle shop or abandoned petrol station where they have the drive through, the lease sign is looking more appealing now isn’t it. Don’t be thinking you have reached a saturation point in your location or market, there are more ravenous customers waiting to be discovered.

Why pay retail rents in the CBD at $3000 a square metre when you could remove the kitchen to a low-cost area … and deliver to a 10km radius around you?

Don’t let your metaphorical pizza go cold thinking about it. Adjust those opening hours, shift your marketing online and to social media, create delivery-only menus and open pop-up stores with all the trimmings.

¹ NAB Online Retail Sales Index